Discover the New Space Ops VR

Yesterday in Moscow, Russia content publisher FIBRUM published an article about a new VR game Space Ops VR - a new shooter VR game, that would be launched through Steam on May, this game will be supported on a couple of different VR headsets like Oculus, Vive and Window mixed reallty.

the game lore is set in 2301 where humanity took a big jump into the deep void that space is, to search some valuable resources for the human energy crises. for this, the space ops were formed to take on every challenge that the universe will fire at them. you as a player is a new recruit for the space ops, in your training, you will learn how to use each tool in your arsenal from the advanced weaponry to the tactical teleport tool.

in addition, you could do these courses with your friends or you could do them solo.

there are some more key features to this game like PVP: a 1v1 battle that you can play against your friends or a 2v2 team battle with your a friend on your side.

in the game, there are different unique guns that fire differently like with different kinds of damage dealing like a laser beam kinetic energy or even plasma shots. in the game, you also have a full stockpile of grenades and super futuristic gadgets, one more cool feature in the game is the teleporter device that can either save your life or kill you.

another feature I liked was that you as a player have the ability to change your appearance, and I really liked that in the game you will have a sandbox to learn all the basic mechanics.

in an interview the CEO of the company that made the game, DEVCUBE STUDIO. he said: "We are very proud to present Space Ops VR to the virtual reality gaming community. We want players to experience a new kind of intense combat on VR platforms that can be enjoyed as a multiplayer cooperative challenge and a hardcore competitive game, complete with ranked matchmaking."

we really wait for the game to be out already so we can get more information for you :)


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