Valve has recently and unexpectedly opened a teaser site that is highlighting a new VR headset, called the Valve Index. this site was spotted by Ars Technica, in this site there wasn't any information except that the headset will be out by May 2019.

but we still have hope in this site there were a couple of images of Valves Index headset that we can take clues about the new headset. for example, in the images, we can spot on on the headset at least to wide-angle cameras that tell us that just like the Oculus Quest and other second-generation VR headsets, Valve headset will have an inside-out tracking that allows you the player to move freely around the room without worrying to place external tracking cameras.

in addition, in those pictures, we can see an adjustment slider that is probably for interpupillary distance so it can fit better for everyone. but as now we still don't know the specs of Valve's headset or whether it is going to be a stand-alone VR headset like the Oculus Quest will be or you need to have a gaming computer for the headset like for the Oculus Rift.

we also know that Valve was working on a VR headset but with wider FOV (field of view) of 135 degrees, plus we know that Valve working on the new kind of motion controllers called "knuckles" that is being tested by the developers for a long time now.

a year back a Reddit leaker uploaded photos of for his beliefs and now is our knowledge a prototype of Valves new headset, today we can tell you for sure that there will be a new headset from Valve. we don't know what will happen in May 2019 but we would really like to get more information before May. regardless if we would get more information we can't know if in May the new headset will come out or Valve will only reveal it.

we asked Valve if the rumors of this new VR headset is really going to be out by May 2019 or is it just an April fools joke so they answered and said "not April" so we have to wait for May 2019 for more information.


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