Good News for Beat Saber fans

Beat games confirmed us that in the spring of 2019 when the Oculus Quest will come out, Beat Saber will be launched with it at the same time.

The game will include all the official features, mods, and music.

we were told that they won't be any changes to the software of the game.

the only feature we don't know about is if Beat Saber on the Quest could play custom songs, we don't know if it will be like on the PC , custom songs will need a third-party mod to work.

The official release date isn't known yet but we know that the Oculus Quest will be out by 2019 spring, the only upcoming event is "F8" by Facebook developer convention, we are almost certain that in this convention we or get a specific date of the launch or the headset will be launched at this conference.


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