The VR world has immensely grown since its inception in late 2015 to 2016. With a VR headset, you can be able to enjoy amazing 360-degree videos and games that are completely immersive and thus very fun. Below I give a few options you can try out when you purchase a VR headset that you plan on using at home, to have a fun time with your girlfriend.

Google earth

from steam

Google has built an app that is designed specifically for VR. This is therefore not the typical google earth that you use on your phone. Rather it is a whole new experience where you get the chance to fly around the world with your girl like birds while enjoying some soothing piano music.

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Face your fears

what is your fear?

There are tons of games available for VR. The horror-based ones are really amazing where you can act your own horror film with your girl as it is a completely immersive environment, better than a movie. Click here

Virtual Tours

This is also another game changer as it enables you to tour different parts of the world while at the comfort of your own house. This is very convenient as traveling takes up both time and money. The tours are usually very efficiently co-ordinated and use high-end quality 360-degree cameras that offer a spectacular view of the area you wish to see.



This is a drawing app that enables you to create a canvas in virtual reality and use this to draw amazing pictures and even write words. If you are a talented artist, you can make an amazing 3D picture that can wow your girlfriend. The 3D pictures are completely immersive meaning you can see every detail about them.

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Make Noise VR

This allows both you and your girlfriend to feel as if you are in a live concert. This may prove to be better than even going to the club as you can change everything at the flick of your controller or hand. You can easily change, the songs, the background and also you can do special effects with your controller, making it an awesome experience.

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