How to build the perfect VR room

Updated: Apr 15, 2019


How to build a home VR room

You might have enough fund to get your own Virtual Reality (VR) PC and it's Head Mounted Display (HMD) but the thought of where and how to set it up has been giving you concern. Your room could be a perfect place for setting up a VR world. What you need only need to is to read our step by step guide in building a home VR room.

Choosing the required room size

In the VR world, the size of the room is of serious concern. Although you can use a room that allows just a standing height, the truth is you are limiting the greatness of the experience you should have because knowing how small your room is, you would always have the mindset of not hitting something and thereby limiting your VR experience.

For your tracking boundaries, set up a buffer of about 1ft between real walls and virtual walls. This is to avoid collision with the wall as you might be too lost in the game and not mind breaking through the virtual wall.

Get familiar with the tracking system

The tracking system has to do with your relative movement in the VR world. When building a home VR room, this tracking system is cogent in the experience of your VR.

The Lighthouse

Lighthouse is the HTC Vive tracking system comprising of a pair of small boxes that are mounted at the top corner of your room and connected to a source of power. The lighthouse interacts with your headset and then your computer via the Bluetooth.

HTC Vive sensor placement is placed at the two corners of the room, facing downward and directed toward the middle. The plates for mounting them are provided but if you do not want to make holes through the wall, you can use tripod stand of reasonable height.

Some other basic things to take note in building a home VR room include;

Remove bulbs and any other source of light to avoid destroying them while in the VR world

Remove all reflective surfaces in the room, as tracking systems can get confused if they focus on this source of reflection. Examples include a frame, pictures, etc.

In the case of flooring, anti-fatigue matting is recommended to reduce leg pain while standing.

Preferably use air conditioning system id there is heat in order to avoid sweating as sweat destroys headset.

Whenever you are not using your headset, have them kept in a drawer or any other safe place to keep them from direct sunlight. A slight ray of reflection can destroy the lenses on your VR-HMD.


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