How to make a great 360 video

Updated: May 13, 2019

Virtual reality 360 cameras.

Being able to observe an image, video, product, monument or an establishment as if we were in it in person, immerse the observer in the stage and space of the photograph or vide, capture his attention and differentiate yourself from the competition are just some of the possibilities of Virtual reality 360 cameras, a technology that allows us to observe an image or video from any angle of the camera.

We live in a time when new technologies invade every aspect of our life. Almost since we get up until we go back to bed, and even while asleep, each of the steps we take within 24 hours are marked by the use of some technology. And within this technological world, there is a feature that stands out if we want to awaken the interest of the user and potential customers and this is undoubtedly the images and videos. They say that a picture or video is worth a thousand words, so the value of hundreds or thousands of images and videos become incalculable if what we want is to stand out in the technological world and, above all, through the Virtual reality 360 cameras offered by the company.

The big difference between Virtual reality 360 camera videos and normal videos.

Today, the Internet is full of websites, blogs or portals on any subject that we can imagine and for any type of company, of any size and in any sector. Therefore, differentiating from the competition is essential to capture the attention of our target audience. Including quality videos is undoubtedly a fundamental step for this, but at a time when technological advances are almost at the speed of light, a normal and flat video is of little use anymore. And that's where Virtual reality 360 camera videos bring a positive difference, as it's a novel and attractive technique capable of capturing the attention of the most curious farther than a normal video would.

With the possibility of visualizing the environment as if we were inside of it, we add a high definition and top quality to captured videos by using Virtual reality 360 cameras. With this, the potential and attractiveness of our videos shoots up. And it is that although many platforms, applications and devices accessible to almost all already allow users to take this type of videos, the use of appropriate tools for this and the knowledge of professionals will be what makes the difference when it comes to capturing the public's attention and potential customers. For this, the Virtual reality 360 camera videos offered by the Insta360 company would be a good choice.

The possibilities of Virtual reality 360 camera videos

The possibilities of Virtual reality 360 camera videos are almost endless. From web pages of virtual stores with product videos in 360 degrees to all types of establishments, whether hotels, restaurants or any type of trade, or monuments, lookouts or tourist spaces. Any business that wants to differentiate itself from its competitors will find in this technology a safe bet. And is that its differentiating potential and its ability to generate added value is one of the main advantages of Virtual reality 360 camera videos. Thus, the use of these videos in virtual reality increases the visibility of the business and the time spent by users on the website, which, in the long run, translates into a greater capacity for conversion into sales and promotion. This has been shown by some studies of the sector, which show that, for example, in the case of stores more than half of users and potential customers prefer this type of images and videos than conventional versions. The ability to observe the product from any angle significantly increases clicks and, with it, sales.

For establishments or tourist resources that use this technology, their virtual presence will get the attention of potential customers and visitors and will be an important value when making decisions, because if we know what we can find and what space offers it to us in an appealing manner, it will be easier to choose it as a destination. And it is that Virtual reality 360 camera videos and everything it entails transmit confidence, closeness, and transparency, fundamental values in a globalized world and in which we can access any product, service or place without moving from our home. In summary, when companies make a remarkable effort to publish new forms of media and content using Virtual reality 360 camera videos, they ask for the attention of consumers; In that sense, putting a little effort goes a long way in making more profit and sales. Publishing new content also allows your audience to know that you are always innovating. In general terms, innovating means that you will be here and you will not disappear overnight. It is a good indicator of a spectacular brand that catches the attention of many people.

Apart from the business industry, the Virtual reality 360 camera videos also have great merits in the army for efficient security surveillance, travel, and movies. In comparison to conventional cameras, Virtual reality 360 camera videos tend to expand the field of view, thus capturing the scene from a 360 ° perspective. During playback, the viewer looks at the image or video from the center and can freely select the respective image sections himself (user-centered view). To watch a 360 video is to see something more than an image, it is to see 360º of images, with the amount of information that this entails. With all the visible angles, the user will be able to see it from different perspectives and angles that can be handled as desired and feel as if he were really present at the scene of action.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that video has become one of the biggest phenomena of the Internet. And the type of format that is used to capture, share and consume the contents is in constant evolution. In this way, formats such as virtual reality or augmented reality have emerged that aim to offer a much more immersive experience. But also other more recent ones like the Virtual reality 360 camera videos that cover the totality of the surroundings of the camera that is recording. Instead of seeing only what happens in front of it, it also records what happens on the sides, behind, up and down.


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