SkyTrek VR - a unique flight simulator.

Updated: May 23, 2019

Sky Trek VR by WingsGames If you are a flight simulator enthusiast or hungry for a unique game for the virtual reality, If you love to travel the world, visit new places from your own home or if you are looking to support indie games in the Virtual Reality world, we got for you a new way to visit the world.

SkyTrek VR

SkyTrek VR takes WRLD3D tech and gives you an ability to fly around famous places in the world within a VR headset. The dynamic maps and locations like the US, Canada, UK will give you allot to explore. The game will take you to the most visited places in the world like the statue of liberty or Rome's Colosseum.

SkyTrek VR is a low poly flight simulator that strives to simulate the whole world! You can fly through the world, giving you the freedom you always wanted. Currently, the map includes the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and more countries coming soon.

The price is fair so for 5$ you get all the fun, It's available on Google Play, the app store, and Oculus store. We look forward to new games from WingsGames. This company has a lot of potential in the virtual reality world.


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