Nice Surprise for the VR in No Man's Sky, Mind is blown

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

The start of 2019 has brought us the best Space Jam of our time.

for you to explore Simulating real-time

thousand of planets in VR!

take your VR headset. and get it ready to fly across the Stars and survive in the amazing survival/open world game project called no man's sky

"Real Game Play "

The update is totally free and if you already have a copy of the game you can play it right now!

The game has an amazing community and an amazing developer who keeps on updating the game and making it better each time they do so.

The game throws you on a random planet where you have to quickly look around understand how to survive gather resources and fix your ship.

If you'll be lucky you'll have a Sissy planet with small cute alien bunnies.

But if you won't be so lucky, you might find yourself on an extremely hot toxic crazy aliens trying to eat your ass around you.

And the VR just makes it click.

so if you have a VR headset and to you haven't tried no man's sky before, this is the best opportunity to grab a copy.

You can download the game here:

see you in space!



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