What will happen to Respawn new VR game?

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Apex Legends was stealth launched and only after 4 weeks, the game hit the 50 million player mark that took Fortnite more than 10 weeks!

There is no doubt that Apex Legends topped all the expectations.

Meanwhile, we know that the team behind Apex Legend - Respawn Entertainment is working on a VR project.

When you say "Apex Legends a hit game" you describe it poorly, it's not just a hit it is a superhit just by the sheer number of players that registered to the game and played it in only 4 weeks .

50 million such a big number in 4 weeks crazy!

Apex Legends also takes a huge number of viewers on Twitch, according to TwitchMetrics it is the 5th game streamed on Twitch in the last 30 days.

After the gigantic success of Apex Legends,we let our imagination run wild and ask our selfs what will happen to all the other projects of the Respawn team like their VR game that is upcoming - will it have as good success as Apex? or it will be bad and disappointing?.

Respawn "super secret VR game" is still a mystery except they told us when they announced the VR game that it will be "AAA Shooter VR game" and that it will be published by Oculus Studios, we also know that the game won't be connected to the Titanfall or Star Wars (they work on those games separately) plus we don't even know on which headset of Oculus it will run on, Respawn haven't published a name for the game.

are knowledge at this point about the game is very little because of the Respawn team limited information out to the market.

when we took a look at the studio current jobs we found that 56% of the people that work for Respawn team is working on Apex while only 17% works on the VR game, because of this unexpected success of Apex Legends there might be a change in that will make a change in the balance of works for each game, this shift can draw attention from the VR game into Apex Legends because it was such a success.

the game will be ready sooner or later because Respawn decided that the game will be for one of Oculus headsets they will have to make it for them, it may take time until the hype about Apex will go down a little or the team will choose to focus on this VR game.

breakout of Apex Legends can have positive effects on this VR game, now after Respawn has made this amazing shooter game they now know what people would love to see.

in addition, Apex success can lead to investors investing their money in the Respawn team which can lead to more support for this VR game we are told about.

besides that, Apex's success as Respawn team first game in which their parenting company, EA didn't get involved in the development process will get more trust from the investors .

From Oculus we heard that as long as Respawn will continue working on the game and will get it out they leave it to them to handle this VR project.

We don't know how Apex Legends success will reshape the VR game.

we might hear more about this game at the Oculus connect event which will take place at the end of SEPTEMBER 2019.


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