Tired from the motion sickness of the VR?

Have you already heard about this new VR accessory called Cybershoes?

well if you didn't so you are in the right place (:

Cybershoes are this new gimmick for your VR headset that gives the VR game a whole new meaning. those shoes will make you fill like you are in an endless space for VR.

this product life started as an idea for a well-known problem in the VR world - the room you play in is too small which gives you no other choice but to move with the joysticks which do make some people have nausea and even vomit.

Cybershoes 3D.Run the company behind this idea.

the idea they had is to make the virtual reality space movable using these shoes - while you sit on a chair the can rotate 360 degrees and move your legs like you are walking or running you VR character does the same and walk or run.

when they started to work on the idea of shoes that let you move freely in the VR limitless space they needed money to make it happened so they went to Kickstarter to get money for their project, after less than a day the project was fully funded more than 3 times!

one more thing that is special about Cybershoes is that it can connect to every VR game that there is in Steam plus it can also connect with HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, the Pimax, and Microsoft Mixed Reality while connected to Steam.

Cybershoes are a great solution for the fitness problem in the world, with those shoes you can exercise while you play video games.

3D.Run added some accessories for the Cybershoes that you can buy like a Cybercarpet for more smooth feeling while playing with the Cybershoes. one more item that you can get is a chair that you can sit on while using the Cybershoes - this chair will allow you to move in 360 while you play. in addition, if you play more then one on the same PC you will need to get a multiplayer pack that will have 4 different devices with different frequencies.


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