Top 5 ways to experience VR differently

It is no doubt that virtual reality is going from been virtual to practical. Customers now have in their possession VR headsets to enjoy the most of the experiences. This set of computer technology is making wave in its usage for video games. However, aside the widely played video games, there are other potentials you can explore in VR. This article will be taking you through the several ways of experiencing newer potential of VR in your Vroom.

Future of VR


It’s quite obvious that there is fun in traveling, especially touring around. How wonderful it is to travel to places you’ve not been to before and to see things you’ve never set your eyes on, not even on TV. But the constraint of this experience is how costly it is. Most populace cannot fetch for the bills needed for this experience. But with Virtual reality, this can be fixed. With VR, you can stand on the great pyramid of Egypt with a realistic view that is exactly what you will feel in the natural. Frankly speaking, VR might not be able to replace the real experience totally, but you can be assured of something close.

Living beach lounge - ocean villa on Sea view

Live events or conventions

Another experience you can have with VR is to feel like you are attending a live event which in the real sense you are not. You might be willing to attend this wonderful concert but then the ticket finished before you could get yours. Don’t panic as VR got you covered. Although it might not look exactly the same way it would be if you were to be their but it is better off than not seeing it at all. Event organizers are also aware of this, so there are VR tickets which can be gotten at a price lesser than the real ticket. This is the wonder your VR can perform in a Vroom.

Architectural design


Many people are suffering from several kind of phobias that makes it difficult to relate with people of the outside world. With VR they can come out from this shell they have carved for themselves. VR can help you relate with people in the virtual realm in a way that is intimately close to the real life experience and at the same time you will remain safe in your Vroom if anything should go wrong in the VR world. VR can be adopted in working trauma processing.

Relaxing in the Paradise of Zanzibar

Architectural design

Creating 3D buildings with designing app on computers is possible while the experience of walking through them is provided by VR. Ideas can be created by designers on VR and potential clients can also have the experience of this idea via VR.

Architectural design


Virtual reality gaming has been one of the things you have to try to really understand its gaming potential. With PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Oculus Go which is the newest, the public talk about VR Games that finally can give to the gamer a full body experience .

Virtual Reality


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