How Teledildonics will improve your sex life

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Teledildonics enable couples to be together over long distances.

The term Teledildonics is a new phrase that has popped up with the emerging technology. It is also referred to as cyberdildonics. The Tele in the term is used to signify long distances. Dildo which is also a part of the term is a word that is popularly known as it is a sex toy used by women for pleasuring themselves. Teledildonics, however, does not simply signify just a dildo or vibrator, rather it is more advanced as it enables the couple to share their intimacy sexually even when they are miles apart. It can be a case where the other person controls the sex toy remotely or by using a server that actually records thus knows where your most pleasurable areas are.

Advantages of Teledildonics with VR

Teledildonics, when used specifically in the VR world, brings with it a whole plethora of advantages. One of the advantages being, you are able to experience sexual pleasure as If you were there. Virtual porn is an emerging industry and one that is bound to grow as humans love experimenting with new things. With Teledildonics, you can be able to watch porn and experience it as the sex toy is smart and thus has a mind of its own.

Teledildonics enable couples to be together over long distances.

There is even a feature known as Bi-directional flow that works in a way such that when you move your toy, your lover will also get the same move in the same direction at the exact moment.

This can revolutionize the concept of phone sex to a whole new level.

When using Teledildonics in the virtual world for virtual porn or with your lover, you can be able to experience the convenience of not manually using the sex toy. This is because these new smart toys are built in a way that they run automatically. The fact that they can be able to trace your most pleasurable parts also acts as a big advantage to the user and their significant other.

The fact that Teledildonics enables sex toys to be connected to the internet is also another advantage as with this, there is a whole range of applications that can be developed and that can really change the way we have sex. The intelligent machinery senses and reacts to the user's movements making it an amazing experience all together.

Most traditional sex toys have a button and rotor that you switch on manually, but with this new tech, you can just use your phone making it easier.

Teledildonics technology has already been integrated with adult online webcam services and certain sex toys .


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