Valve Index releases for Pre-order,and revels all the specs

We really think that this headset has a lot of potentials and it will change our perspective about the whole Virtual Reality concept of the most known gaming store - Steam.

they have just revealed their very own Virtual Reality headset - The Index for pre ordering, they say that it is the Virtaul Reality headset for the gamer community.

This super cool Virtual Reality experience is now available for pre-order for only 999$. Valve says that the pre-order will be shipped to America and Europe until the end of June.

If in the last couple of months you had dreams about this Valve Virtual Reality headset like us and wanted to know everything about it you came to the right place, here we will give you all the information about the Valve index.

Let's start off with the headset technical specifications:

- Display - The Index headset has 2880×1600 (1440×1600 per eye) "Fast-Switching" LCD panels.

- Refresh Rate - This headset bring you the right choice for you from 90Hz, 120Hz, and 144Hz.

- Field Of View (FOV) - The Valve Index have 130 degrees view with an integrated field of view "Eye Relief" knob.

- Audio - Near-field off-ear speakers with 3D directional audio support and a built-in microphone.

- PC connection- Custom single-piece cable straight into your gaming PC.

- Modularity - Front trunk "frunk" expansion port with USB 3.0 connector and front-facing stereo cameras.

-Price - 499$ for just the headset without controllers and tracking system, 999$ for a full kit with 2 controllers.

System Requirements:

OS :Windows 10, SteamOS, Linux


GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970+ or AMD RX480+

Available Display-port required, HDMI not supported

CPU Dual Core with hyper-threading, or better

USB 3.0+ for headset cameras

When Valve's Index was launched Valve didn't launch a video game with it, if you remember we were told in February 2017 that Valve is working on 3 different games however we didn't get notified in the latest Valve event about any upcoming games... with those bad news we got some more in the event we learned that only 1 Virtual Reality game from Valve will be launched until the end of 2019 and we didn't even have the opportunity to test it or even see it...

So why does the Index from Valve cost so much? this is a good question and we think we have a good answer for it.

Valve is trying to prove us that for 999$ you can get the best headset on the market and that its worth 999$ of the most advanced Virtual Reality technology of 2019.

Staff member in Valve said that when he plays on a Virtual Reality headset its not for 20 minutes and for 30 its for at least 1 hour and this is why the Valve Index is different from the other competitors the Index was specially made for long Virtual Reality sessions the Valve Index presents a lot of special features for long sessions in Virtual Reality World.

one of those features is the new handheld knuckles that were in public testing for plenty of time now is finally ready.

We really think that this headset has a lot of potentials and it will change our perspective about the whole Virtual Reality concept.


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