How to Choose a VR headset from Oculus

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Oculus studios, one of the largest name in the VR industry, because of this fact they have a lot of VR products, they have VR games that they made.

but now the market has a problem - Oculus will have a different variety of headsets in the market in a couple of months so which one should you buy?

The Oculus Rift S: ( Release Date Spring 2019 )

This headset is an updated version of the regular Rift headset, this headset will have a better resolution display, built-in trackers to know the headset location without external sensors, this headset will have a graphics quality of 1280 x 1440 per eye , but the biggest upgrade is the

Passthrough+ that Oculus espoused from the HTC Vive that provide you the ability to see what the real-life surrounding looks like. for this headset you will need a gaming computer or a workstation. this model is most likely to cost 399$ when it will be out. with this headset, you will get the cables to connect the headset to your PC, 2 original motion controllers, plus you will receive a bundle of free VR games and experiences.

The Oculus Go:

The Oculus Go is the cheapest headset of all 3, for only 199$ with 32GB or 249$ for a version with 64GB. this headset is super special for a couple of reasons first - this is a self-contained unit which makes it being able to be used without a connected computer, this headset is more for seating and watching movies and videos than playing game standing up in a room just for that. the Go headset has a fast switch LCD display which allows the screen to change colors faster, in addition, this headset will give you 5.5 inches of 1280 x 1440 for every eye. but don't let the name confuse you if you think you can walk around while with this headset well you are wrong it is for seating.

The Oculus Quest:

The Oculus Quest is a super special VR headset that will be out somewhere in this spring of 2019. this headset is so special because it is a kind of a combination between the Oculus Rift S for gaming and the Oculus Go for watching movies and videos without a connection to PC, this headset has the best graphics quality with 1600 x 1440 per eye with an OLED screen, the Quest headset will have more pleasant viewing experience. the Quest will be the perfect VR headset, for now, there is only one problem with the Quest, it has only 64GB... and there isn't any place to put in microSD. this headset will cost you 399$, one more good thing is that this the Oculus Quest is wireless.

now that you know almost everything about the 3 competitors you can choose from any of the 3 competitors.


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