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Virtual reality is a technology that could actually allow you to connect on a real human level, soul-to-soul, regardless of where you are in the world.

—  Chris Milk

Apr 1

VR headsets User Review's topic

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  • Virtual reality is one of the most desired at the moment, making people to intimately interact with realistic concerts. For a maximum experience in your VR arcade, you will definitely need the best VR headset . This article would explain to you how to choose the best VR headset . Immersive experience One of the most important experiences in VR is the immersive experience because it is what launches you into another realm of reality. The basic user tracking type you would find on a headset is three degrees of freedom while some have up to six. VR aim controller combined with HTC Vive indicates your present location in space. Samsung Odyssey is equipped with tracking cameras neglecting the need for a lighthouse and also with is six degrees of freedom, your natural movement can be tracked. Your brain gets tricked into full immersion when you can move around freely in a crouch, space and been able to reach and grab things with both hands. The display HTC Vive pro is a VR headset with an impressive 3k display with dual front-facing cameras serving as a good component for consideration because, with this component, you can move through the real world. HTC Vive , Oculus Rift , and Vive Pro are other types that have high resolution that further adds to your VR experience. Value consideration Some of these VR headsets are as high as $799 (The Vive Pro headset) while you can get the Oculus Go for $199 for headset only. Aside from these fees, there are chances of some other hidden fees. In setting up your VR arcade, the Vive and Oculus headset needs a PC, while PlayStation headset will only work with PlayStation console. Have it at the back of your mind that while buying a VR headset , you also need to buy a PC for a better experience. Affordability is key for most people and so the type with low cost and yet easy accessibility and wonderful experience is necessary. Personal preference Individual preferences is another factor to consider. Comfortably while wearing this headset is a preference for some VR whiz and there are some factors guiding this comfortably. Each headset has its own advantages and disadvantages. These factors are what influences users preferences. VR uses What you using your VR for is also important. For a brand using VR for promotion, mobile phone-based VR would be considered as it is appealing because of smartphones installed base. full article on our blog
  • Virtual reality 101 Vr headsets make gaming and watching movies a whole new experience. This is because with 3D video and sound you feel as if you are physically in the virtual world. This allows you to see virtual images and feel them in a way never felt before. You can watch movies and feel as if you are the main character of the story. For Horror scenes, you can get really scared when the monsters come to eat you for example as you can actually hear the sound around you and see them coming physically to where you are. Below I will give a brief discussion on how to use a VR headset so that you can immerse yourself in the virtual world which is filled with endless opportunities. I will base my tutorial on the most popular headsets that are available in the market today. Samsung Vr headset This is an amazing VR headset that enables you to experience the virtual world with your Samsung phone. It is very comfortable and has a futuristic robocop type look. It is fairly simple to use as when you insert your phone, it automatically identifies it and prompts you to download an install the Samsung Vr app. This app comes with lots of cool features and games that you can play with. When installing, you will be asked to calibrate the VR aim controllers to your liking. Other headsets for Android phones There are a whole lot of VR headsets that are available for Android phones such as the google cardboard that come at cheap prices. When buying these headsets, you should ensure that they are comfortable when put on and also that they do not harm the screen of your phone in any way. You should also consider if your phone is compatible with Vr and also whether it will fit in whatever brand you have chosen. Once you insert your phone, you can use the google cardboard app that has a plethora of games and cool features with which you can play around within the virtual world. For Playstation Vr and other Vr headsets that require PC. PlayStation offers a good guide that you can follow. It comes when you buy a Ps4 with VR.follow the instructions to the letter so that you can connect everything as should. For other VR headsets that require a pc, there is also a guide that is given when purchasing the headset. You should note however that VR functions with PC’s that have strong hardware in terms of processing power that can be able to handle the virtual world. So make sure you build a good PC.